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Hallo All,
sorry to underline this, but I have found not so easy to find/understand that the MICROCONTROLLERS of the XMC13xx family come from factory with the programmin port enabled as following:

  • P0.14: this is the SWIO Pin. To be connected to the PIN 2 of the DEBUGGER called SD (Serial Data)
  • P0.15: this is the SWCLK Pin. To be connected to the PIN 1 of the DEBUGGER called SC (Serial Clock)
  • GND: Ground pin. To be connected to PIN 4 or PIN 5 of the DEBUGGER
  • VCC: this is the Supply Voltage PIN. To be connected to the PIN 3 or PIN 6 of the DEBUGGER.

The DEBUGGER suggested is the XMC Link. It is very easy to connect and the most important feature is the INSULATION between your PC (your body!) and the board with the Microcontroller and the rest of your circuit.

Many of you suggest to connect at least SC,SD and Ground. I raccomend to connect also VCC (just one wire more) in order to be sure that the HIGH LEVEL of the signal is correctly recognised for both sides: Micro and J-Link.

Hope this can be helpful for someone...


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