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I plan to buy to XMC4800 Development Kit to operate as an I/O unit as well as an EtherCAT slave. I am confused about two things to operate XMC4800 as an I/O unit.

1. All the pins of connectors X1 and X2 will be covered by the EtherCAT Phy board when it will be connected to the mainboard. How can I use those pins as I/O with EtherCAT Phy board mounted on top of mainboard?

2. There are some pins available on which we can connect headers upside down and use them as I/O, however, these are labeled as Arduino Compatible Connectors. Can anyone guide me on what is meant by Arduino compatible connector?

3. Can we use Arduino Compatible connectors as simple I/O pins of XMC4800 micro-controllers i.e., by interfacing some sensors and then using XMClib to code those pins as required?

Your help will be highly appreciated in this regard. Thanks.

Awais Naeem
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