Analog Port function unclear

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Hi there,

I am trying to implement the anolog port functions with the XMC1100.
However, the data sheet information is confusing to me.
On page 514 chapter 15 Analog-to-Digital converter in Fig. 15-1 ch0,ch2, ch6 and ch7 of G1 are somewhat "in the air".
On pate 750 table "18-13 Port I/O Functions" the above mentioned port pins also seem to have input functionality, with only G1CH2 seems to have
output functionality as well.

Could somebody help me to understand this.

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I think that I can give you an answer to this.

So I assume that you are looking to the XMC1100 AA step reference manual. For the explanation I will show you the same picture from the XMC1100 AB reference manual (page 518), because the one on the AA step is wrong:


So here you can see that if you go to the "Port I/O Functions" page and consider only the first Input column, from pins 2.0 to 2.11 you will assign the pins to the ADC channels exactly as above. The pins "on the air" are exactly the ones on the second column, G1CH0, G1CH2, G1CH3 and G1CH4.

From here I can suppose that they were not drawn in the figure to avoid confusing connections in the diagram or something like this.

I think you should follow the information on the "Port I/0 Functions", this should be the correct one.
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Hi apereira,

thanks for the input. Now it makes sense to me. I really was still working with the outdated AA version.