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AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
I everyone.   I'm currently work with UART 1, UART 2, and UART 3 using multi-threads with developer board CYW943907AEVAL1F in Wiced Studio.  I need de... Show More
AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos

Is there a way around the minimum baud rate of 9600 baud on the CYW4390?  I need to get down to 2400 baud.



AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
Hello, I am using a CYW43012 (Murata LBEE59B1LV) with LPC56407 (LPC546XX Microcontroller (MCU) Family | NXP Semiconductors) on a dedicated PCB. I use ... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
I am not able to find any example for CYBLE-214015-01 setting up in multimode, My requirement  Onc CYBLE-214015-01 board  ( node S) should be configur... Show More
AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
Hi guys. My intention is to make a WiFi board, which will replace a GPRS one, without changing our existing application a lot.  The app uses PPP to es... Show More
AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
When I perform WPS with the library "wiced_wps_enrollee ()" of WICED-Studio-5.0, the code "3004" (PBC OVERLAP) is returned and WPS fails.It occurs onl... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
Hi Cypress, I would like to replace a serial flash memory on CYW920706 from Macronix to another vendor such as Gigadevice or winbond. However, I don't... Show More
AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
Hi, I am trying to pair (LE Secure) device with MTU greater than 23 but the links disconnects with timout. pairing with MTU = 23 works without problem... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
Hi, there We plan to use a CYBT-343026-EVAL  as a dual mode bluetooth controller. We have tested the CYBT-343026-EVAL under Linux (using btattach) and... Show More
AIROC™ Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Bluetooth Combos
I know Cypress's FullMAC/HardMAC drivers are frequently updated and available. How about the SoftMAC driver? I can't find it in the community. Noticed... Show More