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<Our background>
We are developing TLS(https) client software.
In this development, we reuse the following example source file with some modification.

*The location of the original source file "httpbin_org.c"

  • Our software repeatedly connects and disconnects with TLS to a specific server.
  • The main changes to the above "httpbin_org.c" are as follows
  1. Add put and post
  2. support redirect("HTTP/1.1 302 Found")
  3. support split download("Accept-Ranges: bytes")

This time, among the above, we conducted a long-term test that repeats get / put / post and connecting and disconnecting to the TLS server.
(The above "redirect" and "split download" are not running in this test.)

As a result, the "wiced_tcp_connect" called by "http_client_connect" returned the following error:

  • Wait error(4)
  • Socket closed(7014 )

*The location of the source file of the function "http_client_connect":

The time elapsed before these errors occur is irregular.
It may occur 20 minutes after the start of execution, or it may occur 10 hours later.

And whenever the above "Wait error" occurs, "internal_nx_tcp_socket_disconnect_callback" is always called to let us know that TLS server is disconnected during the connection.

<Our question>
Please tell me the meaning of the above two errors and how to avoid them.
I've tried several methods so far, but I can't recover, and at the moment I can't recover except by resetting.


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Is it possible that you can share your code example with us to better debug the issue? If not in the open forum, then you can share the code in a private message as well.




Dear Aditi,

Thank you for your support!
It's late, but I've attached the source code of our extended HTTPS client in PDF format.

This source is our actual source code with the application-specific description removed.
I haven't attached the source or headers of the relevant subfunctions, but you can see what extensions we have and how we call the relevant WICED APIs.

Best Regards,
Yasuhiro Seno


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It has been quite long time since the code was posted as you requested.

What's your finding about the issue?