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How do I make the WICED softAP to use a hidden SSID ie. dont broadcast the SSID in the beacon

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The WICED API does not currently support this feature out of the box.

We will add it to the API in a future SDK release.

In the mean time, here is a piece of code that will do what you need ...

The softAP SSID can be hidden by adding the following code marked with + to

<WICED-SDK-2.2.1>/Wiced/WWD/internal/chips/43362a2/wwd_ap.c around line 177

   wiced_assert("start_ap: Failed to set SSID

", retval == WICED_SUCCESS );

+    data = (uint32_t*) wiced_get_iovar_buffer( &buffer, (uint16_t) 4, "closednet" );

+    CHECK_IOCTL_BUFFER_WITH_SEMAPHORE( data, &wiced_wifi_sleep_flag );

+    *data = 1;

+    retval = wiced_send_iovar( SDPCM_SET, buffer, 0, SDPCM_AP_INTERFACE );

   /* Check if we need to wait for interface to be created */

   if ( wait_for_interface == WICED_TRUE )