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[WICED-SDK-2.2.1, 43362]

Why does the softAP interface stop working when I join a network as a client?

Here is what we are trying to do:

1.  Start soft ap server.

2.  On connect send welcome and next button.

3.  On next button press - load the result of wifi scan with select button for each.

4.  User selects the network and types in password which is sent back to app.

5.  AP then calls wifi join.  Right here we get disconnected.

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The STA (client) interface can *not* be used on a different radio channel than the softAP.

The STA interface selects the channel that the AP is on.

It has preference over the softAP interface.

The chip does not have two radios, so there is no way to avoid the behaviour you are seeing.