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now, i'm using CYW54907 and initialize WiFi Access-point in this board. and i'm able to analysis WiFi beacon frame in wire-shark software.

now, i need to add my own Tag(IE = information element) in my WiFi.. so, i want to know that is there any kind of API function or any suggestion from you.. like how can i add my tag.

i used custom_ie Example already but it's for specific Vendor IE.. like there is element ID = 0xDD.. we cant change it form function change in wiced. it's not for custom IE exectly..

how can i add my own IE tag..

thank you

jignesh narola

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I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. Do you mean to tell you can't see the custom vendor ie in beacon frame?

For your own ie tag, you can try modifying which_packets in ie_info structure from VENDOR_IE_BEACON to VENDOR_IE_CUSTOM