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In WICED 4.1 Cypress added the mini_printf() module that should allow you to print diagnostics from the bootloader, but when I tried it it didn't work.

In the ota2_bootloader.c Cypress has: #include "mini_printf.h", which didn't work for me. There is also a comment in this file saying:

/* If you use mini_printf() in the bootloader. the console probably won't work with your Application */

Once I got mini_printf() to work in the bootloader, I had no problems getting the console to work in the Application, so I suspect Cypress never got this working properly.

I did 3 things to get mini_printf() to work in bootloader.c:

1) Enabled stdio by commenting out "GLOBAL_DEFINES += WICED_DISABLE_STDIO" in bootloader.mk

2) Added the mini_printf component with "$(NAME)_COMPONENTS += utilities/mini_printf" in bootloader.mk

3) In bootloader.c and any other *.c files containing calls to mini_printf() I added:

#include "../../../libraries/utilities/mini_printf/mini_printf.h"

NOTE: Details on what formatting characters are allowed in calls to mini_printf() are contained in mini_printf.h

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