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Wi-Fi Combo


SDK 4.1.1 with Cypress CySmart 1.2 connected to a pc via a cypress dongle.

I started with the unmodified demo program (demo.ble_wifi_introducer-BCM94343W_AVN download run).

I fixed the platform.c file with the suggested fix.

The suggested fix in wiced_bt_cfg_settings is already there.

I have tried increasing WICED_BT_CFG_NUM_BUF_POOLS.

I see lots of comments that this problem still exists in sdk 5.

Should I just give up on getting the demo to work and go elsewhere for a BLE/Wifi combo solution?


Starting WICED v4.1.1

Platform BCM94343W_AVN initialised

Started ThreadX v5.6

Initialising NetX_Duo v5.7_sp2

Creating Packet pools

WWD SDIO interface initialised

WLAN MAC Address : B0:38:29:43:C0:3F

WLAN Firmware    : wl0: Jan 10 2017 19:57:03 version (r663489) FWID 01-cf6f763a

WiFi Introducer Sensor Start

Joining : YOUR_AP_SSID

Failed to join : YOUR_AP_SSID

Joining : YOUR_AP_SSID

Failed to join : YOUR_AP_SSID

Joining : YOUR_AP_SSID

Failed to join : YOUR_AP_SSID

00:00:25.000856 GKI_create_task func=0x801c561  id=1  name=BTU  stack=0x0  stackSize=6144

00:00:25.009856 GKI_create_task func=0x801da79  id=0  name=HCISU  stack=0x0  stackSize=4096


Advertisement State Change: 0

ADV stop

Stopping Advertisements0

wifi_introducer_gatt_server_request_handler. conn 2, type 5

req_mtu: 512

00:01:09.012104 GKI_exception(): Task State Table

00:01:09.017104 GKI_exception 65524 getbuf: out of buffers

connection_down  conn_id:2 reason:8

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Hi John,

Could you test on Wiced 6.0? I tested the example on Wiced 6.0 on a 94343WWCD1 board and I didn't get the error.

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