gedday service discovery

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I set up a board-A to act as the gedday host which provides a _http_tcp.local service in the network.

Call the gedday_discover_service() in board-B to try to discover the service provided by board-A. (board-A and board-B are in same network)

In board-B, The gedday_discover_service() returned 'WICED_SUCCESS', but in the 'service_result', only 'service_name' is valid.

I can not get the ip and port of the board-A.

I also use my iPhone to discovery the service, it is OK, I can see the port/IP address and service name on my iPhone.

Any suggestion? Thanks!

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Is this the same result you are trying to read ?

typedef struct


    wiced_ip_address_t     ip[ 2 ];

    /* TODO: IPv6 address */

    uint16_t               port;

    const char*            service_name;  /* This variable is used internally */

    /* This memory for txt string must be released as soon as service structure is processed by the application */

    char*                  txt;

    /* buffers for instance_name and hostname are allocated dynamically by Gedday

     * User of gedday_discover_service must make sure that the memory gets freed as soon as this names are no longer needed */

    char*                  instance_name;

    char*                  hostname;

    wiced_semaphore_t*     semaphore;     /* This variable is used internally */

    volatile wiced_bool_t  is_resolved;

} gedday_service_t;

Let us know if you still see issues.

Have you tried it using the latest SDK ?