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Wi-Fi Combo
Is external flash required for the CYW43907?Can custom FW be loaded into the onboard ROM? If so, can this FW be updated in the field via UART and an e... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
We have the file WICED-SDK-\43xxx_Wi-Fi\resources\firmware\43340\43340B0.bin but we would like 43341B0.bin is it available? Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
HelloI have a product that currently uses a Cortex-M MCU that runs our application on the product, and there is a WiFi module (ESP8266 based) that run... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
I have purchased an Inventek ISM43362 evaluation module that programs over the USB. I would like to learn how to program this device with my ST-Link/v... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
I found a snip called:  "bt_dualmode_server" that does have the Bluetooth RFCOMM profile. We will be trying to work this one.It does seem to work on t... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hi All,I trying to send some data over UART but wiced send generating exception condition. How to check and debug exception .Thanks,Basavanagouda. Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
What could cause bricking issues when using OTA2 and Hibernation on a Murata Type 1GC (CYW43907).The issue is happening when using OTA2 service with H... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
I'm evaluating the PSoC 6 CY8CKIT-062 for use as a BT+WIFI device.  Our current PSoC 5 processor uses some analog components and multiple UARTS, some ... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hello,Sorry for rudimentary questions.Is it possible to change the MTU size with the combination of STM32F412 + CYW43438?Thank you. Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hi all,We've been developing using the WICED platform for several months now, and overall are happy with the functionality. However, one key thing pre... Show More
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