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Hi   Where this define nned to be? I use laird - Sterling EWB (Cypress 4343 ..and STM32f411) I dont find where this define. Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
I started poking around to see if I can get my build files packaged up so we can use them during manufacturing. It looks like the normal build command... Show More
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Hi guys, In our application, we connect to wifi AP and do stuffs. If we got some issues like request http error or disconnect with mqtt broker, we wil... Show More
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I just upgraded the version of Wiced we are using from 6.4 to When the code tries to set wwd_wifi_fast_bss_transition_over_distribution_syste... Show More
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Hi, Is there a clear centralized exhaustive list (and history) of know vulnerabilities in the CYW4343W (or all chips) firmware ? Browsing https://github.com/Infineon/wifi-host-driver... Show More
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Measuring the 5.8g signal at the FCC test lab and only seeing 8 dbm, when the documents have 13 dbm as an average.  I retuned the antenna and still me... Show More
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Hello. We develop a board with the same processor in CYW943907AEVAL1F. We mount CYPRESS S25FL064LABNFI010 instead of MX25L6433FZNI as FLASH.   I modif... Show More
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Hi there, I am looking for an app note or more importantly some WICED sample code which will allow me to,  firstly connect a generic BT headset/speake... Show More
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Hi,  We have used CYW43455 for connection test, and we were unable to get IP address to run iperf even the AP can get the MAC address.  the following ... Show More
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solved msg Solved
We have used Wiced SDK for Type 1LD development. Wiced doesn't supports LWM2M protocol. We are trying to port an open source LWM2M implementation like... Show More
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