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I use module CYW54907 with  WICED Version: Wiced_006.006.000.0009   I alway got the socket disconnect event when download about 1.7Mb firmware file fr... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Following this discussion (link: https://community.infineon.com/t5/Wi-Fi-Combo/Looking-for-details-regarding-CYW43455-concurrent-Station-and-AP-operation/td-p/122651... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
We are using the CYW954907AEVAL1F  board and it is stated that it has a TSF module that can adopt the timestamps from the AP However when requesting t... Show More
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Hi, I'm getting the following error while trying to compile for PSoC-6 Kit using WICED Studio 6.6 on Linux.   Unknown component: CY8CKIT_062. Stop.  ... Show More
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We are using a STM32F4 MCU.  When UART2 RX receives a string of data, the SPI1 data ready interrupt activates. It is possible to use SPI and UART2 tog... Show More
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Infineon AIROC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo STM32 Expansion Pack is an extension of the CMSIS-Pack standard established by Arm. The pack is compliant with th... Show More
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Dear Infineon team, I am trying to capture the raw data from four I2S microphones running with the CYW943907AEVAL1F (not planning to use a codec). I a... Show More
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Hi Customer is developing with Murata 1GC on WICED.  They are sending with ux_device_class_cdc_acm_write. It is blocking.  It will stuck if other side... Show More
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Hello. I have the sequent problem: I have developed a board with CYW943907 and an FPGA. I have to store FPGA configuration file (1.5Mbyte of size) in ... Show More
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Hi Team, I am using wiced_6.6 studio and we use BCM43362 chip, I need to understand How to identify mfg_firmware version numberThere is bin file for t... Show More
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