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I have two SN8200x boards.

In one board I run web server with simple HTML main page that include two fields for user input: First name and last name.

The web server is at fixed IP address, so I can browse to it and watch the main page and enter the data to the fields.

In the second board i run http client . I need that the client will retrieve the two fields from the web server and display them on the serial port.

I use the "http_get", but i get in the result array the full HTML main page from the web server without the user data.

I want to retrieve only the two fields from the main HTML page in the web server and with the user data, not the full HTML page.

What is the correct way to do that ?


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There are few examples related to getting html user data as user updates the related fields.

Please take a look at WICED Wi-Fi Forums and Re-purpose GPIO in Evaluation Board To Drive Motors.

Basically you need to define the message handler for user updated data from the html pages and parse the received message in the handler.

Both examples implement buttons but text fields message receiving is similar as well, "First Name: <input type="text" name=FirstName/>"

Hope it helps.