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[WICED-SDK-1.x -> WICED-SDK-2.x]

I see that some SDK-2.x example applications use wiced_init().

This API function includes code to do things like scanning that I will not need.

In the older SDK-1.x, we used wiced_management_init( COUNTRY, NULL ) .

What is the intent of the higher layer SDK-2.x API and is there any reason I cant use the old method to avoid unnecessary code?

Im also confused what this new WWD_ component is and why some of the previously existing functions have moved into it.

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Virtually everything that was in the <WICED-SDK-1.x>/Wiced directory was moved "as is" into the <WICED-SDK-2.x>/Wiced/WWD (Wiced Wi-Fi Driver) directory. We then built a higher level API around lower layer Wi-Fi & networking functions to simplify and automate some of the features requested by customers.

WICED-SDK-2.x does support older WICED-SDK-1.x apps that only use WWD API functions and we have some example apps to demonstrate that.

All the SDK-1.x files were renamed from "wiced_" to "wwd_" however none of the API function names were changed to ensure backwards compatibility.

For the 2.x high level API to work seemlessly, we needed to "take over" a large part of the responsibility previously given to users with regards managing & accessing the network interface, so there are a number of assumptions in the high level API that can be easily broken by accessing the WWD layer directly.

If required, you may call WWD functions, however you should check everywhere that the function may be called in the high level API to completely understand how the function is used.