Welcome new Cypress WICED Module Partner Lierda...

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Lierda is a leading IoT and embedded solution provider based in Hangzhou China.  In 2016, they shipped more than 10 million wireless modules and embedded control boards from their state of the art factory with 4 SMT lines which adhere to the latest ISO standards and are equipped with the current wireless testing facilities and equipment.

Lierda has been an established player in the MCU solutions space since 2001 and began designing and producing industrial wireless modules in 2009.  Today, Lierda provides a broad base of IoT Solutions which leverage more than 200 engineers working diligently to develop and manufacture embedded control boards based on MCU/MPU proccessors, along with wireless modules based on WiFi, BLE, Sub 1G, Lora,Zigbee and NB-IOT.

Additionally, Lierda has a dedicated team assigned to WICED product design and support.  This team has amassed a broad level of experience in Wi-Fi/BLE module design and embedded application development under WICED.  Lierda also has a large team dedicated to developing SaaS cloud software. This cloud computing team has worked to successfully to implement production ready IoT Solutions which leveraging many of the major cloud platforms to include IBM, JD, Tecent and Alibaba cloud platforms.


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