WPS with overlapping PBC (SDK 3.0.1; SN8000x)

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Hi @ all,

I tested some WPS functions of the SDK. And it works fine in generell. But there are two error conditions, I don't understood. In both conditions I used the PBC mode:

1) Hardware is configured as enrollee

- I started two registrars at the same time

- I started hardware as enrollee

- WPS is detected as failed by hardware

=> That seems ok, due to error condition

2) Hardware is configured as registrar

- I started two enrollees at the same time

- I started hardware as registrar

- WPS done for one enrollee

- WPS timed out for the other one

=> That seems to be an error. Both WPS configuration must be stopped, I think.

Now i wonder why the overlapping in the second case was not detected. Or is this an legal opperation?

Is there an internal signal or a flag in software, I can ask for? ATM I use the returning value of besl_wps_start()

Thanks for helping!

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Are you try to connect TWO devices in one WPS PBC session ?

If answer is yes, I remember it is not allow in WPS spec.

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Yes, I try to connect two devices at the same time. That's not allowed, but it's a test case for error conditions.

I did't expect that its work. But in both cases it should be reported as an error, I guess.



Yes your test is correct. If two devices are in WPS session none of them are paired and there are no error messages.

Normal use case is to enable one device at a time to pair with AP.