WPS PBC (Enrollee) connection fail

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Dear Support,

I am facing the following problem.
I would appreciate your help.

There are times when the WPS PBC (Enrollee) cannot connect to the AP (register) properly.
At that time, I found that the Destination Address in (Request,Identity) packet is set to ALL zero with Air-log.
I think this is what causes the WPS connection to fail.

I attached the console log and the air-log files for when the phenomenon occurred.

The environment for the test is as follows.

    Wiced version  => Wiced_006.002.001.0002
    Program            => snip.wps_enrollee
    Wifi Module      => Murata Type1LD
    AP                         => Synology MR2200

[Need Help]
Is there any way to work around this problem ?

Best Regards,

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   I can see a full M1-M8 configuration process in successful logs,  failed logs show re-assoc after auth packets without M1-M8,  I guess we already got correct credentials and saved them into DCT wifi area, after first successful PBC  we do not need PBC negotiation again, just bring up STA interface to join the APdirectly.