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In SDK 2.4.1 the WLAN Firmware image resides in the wifi_image.c file in a form of a C style array.

On SDK 3.1.0 this file does not exists. From looking at the code I see the whole mechanism was changed and it is supplied as a bin file placed somewhere in the Flash memory and loded to the chip from there.

I also could see that the Firmware has some kind of a header that specify the size of the FW and maybe some other things.

I could not however find this structue definition anywhere in the code.

Since we do not work with a supported platform I need this to be able to load the new firmware so I can check new functionality.

Please provide this structure definition and any other info that I need to use the new Firmware of SDK 3.1.2.


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The WLAN firmware along with other resources are located in the resources folder. They are converted in a structure at run time. The main reason to do this, is that some customers opt to put some resources in memory while others can put in external serial flash as part of their file system.

your final structure will be in the build folder (i.e. build/appxxxx/resources/43362A2_bin.c

The definition of the resrouce structure itself (resource_hnd_t) is in wiced_resource.h