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**WICED Studio 6.0.0:

WICED-Studio 6.0.0 Installer (Windows)

WICED-Studio-6.0.0 (OSX)

WICED-Studio-6.0.0 (Linux 64-bit)

Release Notes: WICED Studio 6.0.0

Note: The Linux 32-bit Installer is no longer supported.

**Broad Market release: Non-broad market devices such as the CYW207X9 family are not supported within this release. Please contact Cypress sales for access to the Early Adopter version.


Cypress WICED Software Development Kit - CHANGELOG



Changes for WICED-SDK 6.0


* Documentation

  * Updates to CYW9207x9WCDEVAL-Hardware-User-Manual.pdf

  * Updates to WICED-HID-Device-Library.pdf

  * 43012-C0-Bluetooth API

  * Enhanced Doxygen annotation to IoT protocols, Audio middleware and BTEWICED stack

  * Added descriptive comments Azure IoTHub demo

* Chip/Platform support

  * Added Platform Support for CYW943012A0FCREF_3 + CYW9WCD760PINSDAD2

  * Added Platform Support for CYW943907WAE4

* Applications

  * Bluetooth Internet Gateway enhanced to support BLE mesh on CYW43907WAE platform

  * Added Application Support for 43012 platform

  * Removed deprecated https_client application (replaced by httpbin_org)

  * [20719] LE HID Keyboard

  * [BT 20719,20735,20706] LE Mesh Sample Applications and Libraries

  * [20719] Headset Pro Reference  Application

  * [20719] Button Manager library

* Libraries, Protocols, Drivers

  * [all WiFi] Cirrent Library

  * [Pro Wifi] Alexa Voice Services support

  * [4390X] Flash XIP support

  * [all WiFi] Added support to run Bonjour conformance test to handle ethernet cable change.

  * [all WiFi] Added support for fragmented HTTP/2 HEADER frame decoding

  * [Homekit]

      * Added Firmware Revision characteristic to the bridge snippet application.

      * Increased IP processing thread stack size to 6.5 kB

      * Fixes to address Apple R9 adjunct review certification tests

      * Added iCloud event logs as part of generic event callback.

  * BLE Mesh gateway support to BIG for CYW43907WAE platform with BLE mesh library running on BCM20703A2 embedded mode

  * [4390x WiFi] Enhancements to audio_client

  * [all WiFi] Resolved Coverity issues to several WICED components

  * [all WiFi] Improvements to the ring_buffer utility library

  * [4390x WiFi] Reset sflash controller while deinit_sflash

  * [all WiFi] Added support for DNS address caching

  * [all WiFi] WICED Unified Low power framework that provides callbacks for peripherals/applications/libraries

  * [all WiFi] Added resources_read snippet application

  * [all WiFi] Stability fixes to FreeRTOS

  * [all WiFi] Improvements to BESL/mbedTLS fragmentation/reassembly handling

  * [4390x WiFi] Improved gSPI operation

  * [all WiFi] Equip MQTT library to send/receive large buffers in single MQTT frame

  * [4390x WiFi] Enhancements to AVS client library and application

  * [all WiFi] Robustness fixes to DTLS, Gedday, DNS and MQTT length checking

  * [IWA] PDS mode support for IWA platform

  * [IWA] Memory optimization and stability fixes to IWA platform

  * [all WiFi] Added enterprise roaming support to BESL/mbedTLS supplicant

  * [all WiFi] Stabity fixes to BESL/mbedTLS when running in server mode relating to handling of certain cipher suites

  * [all WiFi] Enhanced BESL/mbedTLS to support TLS v1.0 and v1.1 - TLS version support configurable via wiced_defaults.h

  * Removed deprecated bt_smartbridge app (Replaced by Bluetooth Internet Gateway)

  * Incorporated BT security vulnerability fixes to BTEWICED host stack

  * Updated USB VID/PID to use Cypress ID

  * Configure sflash to support 1-bit mode by default

  * [all WiFi] Modified AMQP library to receive upto MTU size frames

  * New WLAN firmware ( added for 43362 platform with KRACK WPA2 fixes

  * New WLAN firmware ( added for 43364/43438/4343W platforms with KRACK WPA2 fixes

  * New WLAN firmware ( added for 4390x/54907 platform with KRACK WPA2 fixes

  * New WLAN firmware (6.49.22) added for 43340 platform with KRACK WPA2 fixes

  * Enabled WICED Pro packaging

  * WICED Studio installer now uses InstallAnywhere 2017 (instead of IA 2015)

  * WICED BT Designer is removed (will be added back in 6.1 release)

* System support

  * Linux32 Support for IDE deprecated

  * Power Analyser plugin support to Windows WICED Studio

  * Enabled WICED Pro packaging

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FYI, the LICENSE file still mentions the

SSL/TLS object files and headers are licensed by Cypress from Cypherbridge S

ystems, LLC.

This is not true any more.