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WICED Studio 4.0.1 IDE Installer (Windows)

WICED Studio 4.0.1 (OSX)

WICED Studio 4.0.1 (Linux 64-bit)

WICED Studio 4.0.1 (Linux 32-bit)

Changes for WICED-SDK 4.0.1

* Applications

  * Homekit applications

    * Corrected event notifications in Homekit snippet apps to be sent to the controller whenever characeristics' value changes.

    * Fix for WAC failure with snip.apple_homekit.lock_mechanism_service application

    * Resolved pairing issue with Homekit certification app on BCM9WCDPLUS114 platform

  * Bluetooth audio application

   * Resolved absolute volume control issue with Bluetooth audio app when connected to iOS/Android smartphones

   * Fixed MMI issue with forward/backward AVRCP operations during Bluetooth A2DP streaming with smartphones

* Libraries, Protocols, Drivers

  * Added provision to the MQT library to support reconnection whenever connection is lost

  * Homekit enhancements and bug-fixes

    * Added support for multiple controllers to communicate with the accessory using single Apple ID

    * Added additional error checking in Homekit start API for robustness

  * AMQP v1.0 stability fixes during send/receive

  * OTA2 Failsafe

    * Added a failsafe mechanism to the OTA2 extraction process

    * waf.ota2_failsafe is now automatically built with the waf.ota2_bootloader for OTA2_SUPPORT

    * If an extraction is interrupted due to reset or power cycle, the system will recover

  * Added support for 30KB ping reception and 10KB ping transmission on 43364 and 4343W platforms for 802.11n Certification

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