WICED Software Development Kit 3.5.2 is now available...

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WICED SDK 3.5.2 IDE Installer and .7z Source files

The WICED SDK provides a full compliment of application level APIs,

libraries and tools needed to design & implement secure embedded wireless

networking applications.


Broadcom WICED Software Development Kit 3.5.2 - README


Only one installer issue with Java 8 (update 66) is known.

Major features of the WICED SDK include ...

  - Low-footprint embedded Wi-Fi Driver with Client (STA), softAP and Wi-Fi Direct

  - Wi-Fi <-> Bluetooth SmartBridge

  - Various RTOS/TCP stack options including

    - ThreadX/NetX (IPv4), ThreadX/NetX Duo (IPv6), FreeRTOS/LwIP (IPv4)

  - Support for various Broadcom Wi-Fi & combo chips

    - BCM4390 Integrated Apps + Wi-Fi SoC

    - BCM4390X (43909, 43907 and 43903) Integrated Apps + Wi-Fi SoC

    - BCM43362 Wi-Fi SoC

    - BCM43364 Wi-Fi SoC

    - BCM43341 Wi-Fi SoC

    - BCM43438 Wi-Fi SoC

    - BCM43341 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo SoC

  - Support for various MCU host platforms

    - ST Microelectronics : STM32F2xx, STM32F4xx

    - Atmel : AT91SAM4S16B

    - Freescale : K61

    - NXP : LPC17xx, LPC18xx

  - RTOS & Network abstraction layer with a simple API for UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS communications

  - SSL/TLS Security Library integrated with an HTTPS library for secure web transactions

  - WICED Application Framework including Bootloader, OTA Upgrade and Factory Reset

    - Second flavor of OTA and Factory Reset (called OTA2)

  - Automated Wi-Fi Easy Setup using one of several methods

    - SoftAP & Secure HTTP server

    - Wi-Fi Protected Setup

    - Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) Protocol

  - Simple API to provide access to MCU peripherals including UART, SPI, I2C, Timers, RTC, ADCs, DACs, etc

  - Support for multiple toolchains including GNU and IAR

  - Support for Apple AirPlay and HomeKit

The WICED SDK release is structured as follows:

  apps          : Example & Test Applications

  doc           : API & Reference Documentation

  include       : WICED API, constants, and defaults

  libraries     : Bluetooth, daemons, drivers, file systems, inputs, and protocols

  platforms     : Evaluation board support package, including Eval Board and Module Schematics

  resources     : Binary and text based objects including scripts, images, and certificates

  tools         : Build tools, compilers, debugger, makefiles, programming tools etc.

  tools/drivers : Drivers for WICED evaluation boards

  WICED         : WICED core components (RTOS, Network Stack, Wi-Fi Driver, Security & Platform libraries)

  WICED/WWD     : The WICED Wi-Fi Driver (equivalent to the Wiced directory in previous SDK-1.x releases)

  README.txt    : This file

  CHANGELOG.txt : A log of changes for each SDK revision

Getting Started


If you are unfamiliar with the WICED SDK, please refer to the

WICED Quickstart Guide located here: <WICED-SDK>/doc/WICED-QSG2xx-R.pdf

The WICED Quickstart Guide documents the process to setup a computer for

use with the WICED SDK, IDE and WICED Evaluation Board.

The WICED SDK includes lots of sample applications in the <WICED-SDK>/Apps directory.

Applications included with the SDK are outlined below.

apps/demo : Demonstration Applications

   - Applications demonstrating how to integrate various WICED API features

apps/snip : Application Snippets

   - Various applications to demonstrate usage of individual WICED APIs    

apps/test : Test & Utility Applications

   - console      : Provides various test features including Iperf for throughput testing

   - mfg_test     : Manufacturing Test application to enable radio performance and certification testing

apps/waf  : WICED Application Framework

   - bootloader   : Bootloader application used in conjunction with the WICED Application Framework

   - sflash_write : Serial flash application used to write data into external serial flash

apps/wwd : Wiced Wi-Fi Driver Applications to demonstrate advanced usage of the low layer Wi-Fi driver

To obtain a complete list of build commands and options, enter the following text in the

base WICED SDK directory on a command line:

$> make

To compile, download and run the Wi-Fi scan application on the Broadcom BCM943362WCD4 evaluation platform,

enter the following text on a command line (a period character is used to reference applications

in sub-directories) :

$> make snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4 download run

The default RTOS and Network Stack components are defined in the WICED configuration makefile

at <WICED-SDK>/tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk. The default I/O bus component is defined in the platform

makefile at <WICED-SDK>/platforms/<Platform>/<Platform>.mk. Defaults may be bypassed by specifying the

component as part of the build string if desired as shown in the following example.

$> make snip.scan-BCM943362WCD4-FreeRTOS-LwIP-SDIO download run


Source code, headers and reference information for supported platforms are available

in the <WICED-SDK>/platforms directory. Source code, headers, linker scripts etc that

are common to all platforms are available in the <WICED-SDK>/WICED/platform directory.

Supported Features


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth SmartBridge Features

* Scan and associate to Wi-Fi access points

* Authenticate to Wi-Fi Access Points with the following security types:

   Open, WEP-40, WEP-104, WPA (AES & TKIP), WPA2 (AES, TKIP & Mixed mode)

* AP mode with support for security types : Open, WPA, WPA2

* Concurrent AP & STA mode (AP mode limited to 3 concurrent connected clients)

* Wi-Fi Direct

* WPS 1.0 & 2.0 Enrollee & Registrar (Internal Registrar only)

* Wi-Fi APIs : Network keep alive, packet filters

* Host <-> Wi-Fi SDIO & SPI interface

* Bluetooth SmartBridge with multiple connections including the

   following features: Whitelist, Bond Storage, Attribute Caching,

   GATT Procedures, Configurable Maximum Concurrent Connections, Directed

   Advertisements, Device address initialisation, Passkey entry

* Host <-> Wi-Fi via Memory to Memory DMA engine

Bluetooth Features

* Bluetooth Dual-mode stack support - classic BR/EDR and BLE modes

   - Also available BLE-only stack library with reduced memory footprint

* Generic Attribute (GATT) profile

   - Sample BLE applications - Hello sensor and Proximity reporter

* A2DP v1.2 (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

   - A2DP Sink Functionality

   - SBC Decoder

* AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)

   - AVRCP Controller v1.3

   - AVRCP Target v1.5 (Absolute Volume)

* Man-Machine-Interface via buttons

   - AVRCP play/pause/Skip-forward/Skip-backward

   - A2DP Volume Up/Down

* SDAP (Service Discovery Application Profile)

* GAP (Generic Access Profile)

RTOS & Network Stack Support

* FreeRTOS / LwIP    (full source)

* ThreadX  / NetX    (object file; free for use with WICED *ONLY*)

* ThreadX  / NetXDuo (object file; free for use with WICED *ONLY*)

Networking Features (IPv4 & IPv6)

* ICMP (Ping)




* IGMP (Multicast)

* IPv6 NDP, Multicast

* DHCP (Client & Server)

* DNS (Client & Redirect Server)

* mDNS/DNS-SD Zeroconf Network Discovery (Broadcom Gedday)

* TLS1.0/1.1/1.2 (object file with host abstraction layer; free for use with WICED *ONLY*)

* HTTP / HTTPS (Client & Server)



Application Features

* Apple AirPlay (requires Apple authentication co-processor; available to Apple MFi licensees *ONLY*)

* Apple HomeKit (available to Apple MFi licensees *ONLY*)

* Bluetooth Audio

* Peripheral interfaces

   * GPIO

   * Timer / PWM

   * UART

   * SPI

   * I2C

   * RTC (Real Time Clock)

* Xively "Internet of Things" protocol

* COAP (Constrained Application Protocol)

* MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) with AWS sample application

* WICED Application Framework

   * Bootloader

   * Device Configuration Table (region in flash to store AP, security credentials, TLS certs, serial number, Wi-Fi country code, etc)

   * OTA upgrade

   * Factory reset

   * Automated configuration via softAP & webserver

   * Apple Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) protocol (available to Apple MFi licensees *ONLY*)

   * System Monitor to manage the watchdog


* GNU make


Hardware Platforms


   * BCM943362WCD4  : Broadcom WICED Module with STM32F205 MCU mounted on BCM9WCD1EVAL1

   * BCM943362WCD6  : Broadcom WICED Module with STM32F415 MCU mounted on BCM9WCD1EVAL1

   * BCM943362WCD8  : Broadcom WICED Module with Atmel SAM4S16B MCU mounted on BCM9WCD1EVAL1

   * BCM9WCDPLUS114 : WICED+ Eval Board (includes BCM43362+STM32F205 WICED+ Module and BCM20702 Bluetooth module)

   * BCM9WCD1AUDIO  : Broadcom WICED Audio Evaluation Board (includes BCM43362, STM32F415, WM8533 audio DAC, and BCM20702 Bluetooth module)


   * BCM943364WCD1  : Broadcom WICED Module with STM32F215 MCU mounted on BCM9WCD1EVAL1

   * BCM943364WCDA  : Broadcom WICED Module with Atmel SAM4S16B MCU mounted on BCM9WCD1EVAL1


   * BCM943341WCD1  : Broadcom BCM43341-based WICED Module with STM32F417 MCU mounted on BCM9WCD5EVAL1


   * BCM94390WCD2   : Broadcom BCM4390 SiP-based WICED Module on BCM9WCD3EVAL1


   * BCM943909WCD1_3     : Broadcom BCM43909 SiP-based WICED Module on BCM943909WCDEVAL_1

   * BCM943907AEVAL1F_1  : Broadcom BCM43907WLCSPR SiP-based WICED Module on BCM943907AEVAL1F_1

   * BCM943907WAE_1      : Broadcom BCM43907WCD2 SiP-based WICED Module on BCM943907WAE_1

   * BCM943903WCD1_1     : Broadcom BCM43903 SiP-based WICED Module on BCM9WCD8EVAL1

Known Limitations & Notes


* Description - WICED_Audio: DUT resets if incoming call received/outgoing call initiated during Airplay streaming.

   Workaround  - No work around

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - WICED_Audio: Play/Pause/FWD/BCKWD does not work with Mac Book Air and BTW.

   Workaround  - No work around

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - snip.email: Email is not being send shows error

   Workaround  - No work around

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - snip.https_server: Showing error in console while opening the webpage

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - snip.ping_webserver" is not working properly in debug mode, giving exceptional error also for snip.https client and demo.appliance apps

   Workaround  - No work around

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - demo.temp_control: App stuck at the initial phase of booting up

   Workaround  - No work around

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - snip.thread_monitor not working properly in both release mode and debug mode

   Workaround  - No work around

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - Switching from Airplay to Bluetooth may result in silence if Bluetooth connection is established after the Airplay streaming has commenced.

   Workaround  - Switching back a second time should resolve the issue.

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Description - Switching between Bluetooth music and Handsfree voice may fail after a few iterations

   Workaround  - None

   Resolution  - Targeting to be fixed in the next SDK release

* Features not yet supported in WICED-SDK-3.5.2

   - IAR Embedded Workspace native support

   - WAC procedure is not supported for AP mode with WEP security

   * Platform Restrictions:


         - Wi-Fi Direct not support

         - SPI bus not supported


         - Wi-Fi Direct not supported

         - WPS may timeout with some access points


   * Wi-Fi Powersave (1)

       The WLAN chip requires an external 32kHz sleep clock input during powersave.

       Platforms that do not support Wi-Fi powersave (per the table above) are

       not capable of driving the WLAN sleep clock. An external 32kHz clock is

       required for these platforms.

* libc does not include support for printing uint64_t (long long)

* RTOS detection may cause OpenOCD to crash in the following situation:

     GDB has an elf containing a known RTOS loaded, and your app is using the

     RTOS memory for other purposes. This situation may occur while debugging

     the bootloader

     SOLUTION : Remove " -rtos auto " from the <WICED-SDK>/Tools/OpenCD/OpenOCD

                .cfg file that matches your hardware debugger

                (ie. BCM9WCD1EVAL1.cfg for WICED Evaluation Boards)

* For the 43362, AP mode when running with Wi-Fi Direct is limited to 2 STA clients

* P2P feature

     If the board's MAC address is locally administered then it needs to be modified

     to become a global address or P2P will not initialize.

     First build the application using the SDK, then find the

     generated_mac_address.txt file and modify the MAC address.

     Ex: Change text "macaddr=02:0A:F7:9c:76:f2" to "macaddr=00:0A:F7:9c:76:f2"



The GNU ARM toolchain is from Yagarto, http://yagarto.de

Programming and debugging is enabled by OpenOCD, http://openocd.berlios.de

The standard WICED Evaluation board (BCM9WCD1EVAL1) provides two physical

programming/debug interfaces for the STM32 host microprocessor: USB-JTAG and direct

JTAG. The WICED Evaluation board driver additionally provides a single USB-serial

port for debug printing or UART console purposes.

The USB-JTAG interface is enabled by the libftdi/libusb open source driver,


The direct JTAG interface works with third party JTAG programmers including

Segger, IAR J-Link and Olimex ARM-USB-TINY series. OpenOCD works with the libftdi/libusb

USB-JTAG driver shipped with the WICED SDK and commercially available JTAG drivers

available from third party vendors.

Building, programming and debugging of applications is achieved using either a

command line interface or the WICED IDE as described in the Quickstart Guide.

Instructions to use the IAR toolchain are provided in a README located in the

following directory: <WICED-SDK>/Tools/IAR

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On SDK 3.5.2,  can't connect the BT device by Bluetool after downloading the bt_mfg_test app.

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Where do I download the Wiced SDK 3.5.2 IDE ?

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I have to download this SDK but it' saying that I  don't have the privileges.
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