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hello all,

I am using wiced sdk3.5.2 and working on the uart.

when i make:

1> i pass the expected_data_size = 1 as a constant in the wiced_uart_receive_bytes()

facing problem:- not enter into the while(wiced_uart_receive_bytes != WICED_SUCCESS)

2> then i add the expected_data_size as veriable in the  wiced_uart_receive_bytes() and add the expected_data_size=1

at the end of the while() it enter in the

while(wiced_uart_receive_bytes != WICED_SUCCESS) ok.

facing problem:- queue become full and the not comeout from the  while(wiced_uart_receive_bytes != WICED_SUCCESS)

i am stuck , need solution emergency...

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I do not think you can set expected_data_size to const. It needs to be a variable, which is reset after the call to wiced_uart_receive_bytes.

What timeout do you use in your wiced_uart_receive_bytes call?

Can you share your uart receive code, it will make it easier to give feedback.


René Josefsen

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Thanks for your valuable answer,

i add the variable instead of the constant value and it update at the end of the while().

It is working fine.

once again thank you vary much...