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I have to down load 6MB file from cloud using USI 22 ( BMC4343XX + STM32F41xx) module, which has 1MB Flash nd 256KB RAM. The module connected  cloud via TCP/IP(HTTPS) and USART to Host MCU which have 64MB Flash and 16MB RAM but it is very busy with doing all the application. I need to transfer this data reliably and correctly to host processor. My understanding of file transfer from server is verify by HTTP client after download entire file,

Q1. What is the best way to down load this big data from server

     1. Chop the big file into 1KB packet and every packet with clear packet number and CRC

     2. Wi-F module verify every packet received the  send to host via serial port

     3. Host will verify the CRC and store into flash

     4. After transfer entire packet cloud send file hash

     5. Hash is verify by host

In is this good idea? or give some suggestion please

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