Top 4 WICED instabilities

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I would like to report our top 4 instabilities we 're facing with WICED -SDK.

Networking with other startups revealed me that these are clearly  WICED SDK instabilities not linked to custom app , and this should be tackled by Broadcom with more tests :

1- « WICED/WWD/internal/wwd_sdpcm.c:812: assertion failure in wwd_sdpcm_process_rx_packet: 0 != 0

SDPCM packet of unknown channel received - dropping packet

2- WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F2xx/WWD/wwd_SDIO.c:327: assertion failure in host_platform_sdio_transfer: 0 SDIO communication failure

3- WICED/network/NetX_Duo/WWD/wwd_network.c:437: assertion failure in host_network_process_ethernet_data: 0 != 0 invalid interface

4- WICED/WWD/internal/wwd_wifi.c:1701: assertion failure in wwd_wifi_get_rssi: 0 == 1

Command failed

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I confirm that I also get those 4 errors at random times