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Using SDK 3.1.2 and the Macronix MX25Lxxxx series of flash, you may have noticed that write operation is very slow.

Bytes are in fact written one by one, with a lots of overhead on the SPI, here is how to speed it up:

spi_flash.c in sflash_write()

Line 163 change:

max_write_size = (unsigned int) 1;  /* TODO: this should be 256, but that causes write errors */


max_write_size = (unsigned int) 256;

and later, line 197 replace:

write_size = ( size > max_write_size )? max_write_size : size;


if (device_address % max_write_size) {

     /* Not on a page boundary, limit write within the page*/

     unsigned int nbBytesLeftOnPage = max_write_size - (device_address % max_write_size);

     write_size = (size > nbBytesLeftOnPage) ? nbBytesLeftOnPage : size;

} else {

     /* Page boundary, write as many bytes as we can */

     write_size = size > max_write_size ? max_write_size : size;


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There is another optimization possible, add a "sflash_erase_range()" API and erase blocks instead of sector when possible, it does make a bit faster, but this is not as dramatic as the write change above. (3000ms to erase 600KB instead of 4500ms with current driver).