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Is the electrical connection between the Wiced WiFi module and the bluetooth module for Smartbridge documented anywhere?

I can't find any documentation on the hardware level configuration required by the wiced SDK to interface with a bluetooth module. I see that in the BCM9WCDPLUS114 the bluetooth module is connected to UART2. However I don't see this defined anywhere in the smartbridge example code. Is this connection assumed by the SDK?

Additionally, is it possible to setup the bluetooth smartbridge on wiced wifi modules other than the  WM-N-BM-14? We were planning on using the Inventek ISM43362, however it only has one UART, and I am only seeing references to the smartbridge as the USI WM-N-BM-14 wifi module paired with the USI BM-GP-BR-65 bluetooth module.

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The USI WM-N-BM-14 has a STM32F205 + BCM43362.

The platform definitions from .../Wiced/Platform/<platform>/platform.c are used by the .../Wiced/Platform/common/<ARM_Cortex_Mx>/<MCU>/<MCU>_platform.c.

For specific to BCM9WCDPLUS114 uart setup for BT and WiFi module the uart is setup as follow:

The bt_bus_init​() in ...\Library\bluetooth\internal\bus\UART\bt_bus.c called from wiced_bt_init() which is called from application_start(). The BLUETOOTH_UART is defined as WICED_UART_2 and corresponds to the uart_mapping[] definitions in .../Wiced/Platform/BCM9WCDPLUS114/platform.c

Hope it helps.