Sending UDP data on IPv6 and IPv4

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I can't figure out how to use the WICED API for the following task: I want to create 2 sockets - one for IPv4 and one for IPv6 on the same port. After that, I want to receive IPv4 data on IPv4 socket and of course IPv6 data on the IPv6 socket. I want to be able to send IPv4 and IPv6 packets as well. When I create IPv4 socket using wiced_udp_create_socket on a given port, I can't create another socket because I'm getting "port unavailable" error. I even cannot specify to which IP (4 or 6) I want to bind. I'm using ThreadX+NetXDuo.

How can I send data on the same port on both IPv4 and IPv6?


/ Michal

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Anyone? To simplify, the question is: How to create a socket on IPv6 address? Or create socket, and then bind to IPv6 address using WICED API? Note, I want to send independent data on IPv6 and IPv4 address on the same port. The same needs to do Gedday, so it must be possible.