Receiving ADV_IND in WICED BLE

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Is there any way with the WICED BLE SDK to register a callback that will fire whenever an ADV_IND is received?  I am running on the BCM9WCDPLUS114 eval platform with WICED 2.4.0 Beta 12 SDK.

The goal of my application is to measure the signal strength of nearby bluetooth devices (similar to LightBlue or SensorTag) and use this information for application level purposes. 

My test code is using these parameters to cal wiced_start_scan():

/* Scan settings */

static const wiced_bt_smart_scan_settings_t scan_settings =


    .type              = BT_SMART_ACTIVE_SCAN,

    .filter_policy     = FILTER_POLICY_NONE,

    .filter_duplicates = DUPLICATES_FILTER_DISABLED,

    .interval          = 480,  // in units of .625ms, min: 4 = 2.5ms, 480 = 300ms max 0x4000 = 10.24 seconds

    .window            = 480,  // in units of .625ms, must be < interval, window = interval scans all the time.

    .duration_second   = 300,


The intermediate scan results report exactly one scan result for each of my peripherals. Each time I stop/start the scan I get the same list of advertising devices. Changling the "filter_duplicates" to ENABLED has no impact.  If I change "type" to PASSIVE then the information contained in my proprietary scan response packets is not collected (this is expected behavior).

Any help would be appreciated.
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Is this still an issue?  Is it the same behavior in SDK 2.4.1?

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