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Here's some of the features supported by their SDKPac for WICED:

  • uSSL SDK provides the TLS network security foundation for WICED SDK BESL.  Get the uSSL WICED Upgrade kit to with the latest code and features including support for uCloud Client, uFTPS, and optional High Strength uCryptB FIPS 140-2 library option
  • uSSL Option Kit:  add features including X509 certificate generate, CSR, RFC2817 HTTP, PKCS #12 certificate and private key import.  Adds building blocks required for Apple Air Print.
  • Cyclone IoT Device Kit supports TLS Secure uMQTT 3.1 QoS 0,1,2. Interoperable with Cyclone IoT and other Cloud services.  Publish and subscribe sensor and actuator data with TLS secure uMQTT and JSON library.
  • uFTPS implements secure file transfer protocol, for applications including digital camera picture and video uploads, medical device dispensary systems, etc.
  • uFile Encrypted File System – Protect data in-flight and at-rest with uFile Toolkit.  Encrypt files in flash file systems, removable USB and SD flash drives.
  • Add optional Embedded Secure Element. ESE interfaces to the Cypherbridge uCrypt common crypto library for deep storage of key material, certificates, keys, crypto, hash and signing operations.

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