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Hi @ all!

I'm using a SN8000x with the SDK 3.0.1 and try to change the Tx-Power.

I found the function "wwd_wifi_set_tx_power()" and tried with '0' and '31' with the following assumption:

- 0 means 0dBm and the sending is off (or very low)

- 31 means 31dBm and is the maximum output of this module

- Returning WWD_SUCCESS means the setting is used now

Now I configured the SN8000x as AoftAP an joined this network with a laptop.

With a tool on the laptop I read out the RSSI of the SoftAP-Frames.

I changed the Tx-Power.

The seen RSSI with a distance abaut 10m is always abaut -60dB (jitter about +- 5dB).

=> I wonder why I can't see any changes of the SoftAP signal.

=> Is there any automatism active, which restore/change the Tx-Power?

(I have seen When using wiced_wifi_set_tx_power() function, I think that tx power is not changed, but there was no answer)

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Can you perform the same test using our manufacturing test tool and let me know he results?

The document is found in the SDK directory "doc" and is called:  WICED-MFG202-R.pdf

To set the transmit power to +15dBm, use:

>wl –-serial 99 txpwr1 –d 15

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