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Due to a security concern about TCP sequence number prediction, the Express Logic told me NetX_duo 5.8 has a solution for it.

Our WICED SDK 3.3.1 is quite old but our product has been widely spread with it.

My question is

  • Is it good to update NetX_duo over 3.3.1 without update SDK?
  • If not, which SDK is available to support NetX_duo 5.8 or more?


Hyeong Kim

from Mitsubishi Electric US.

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WICED-SDK prior to SDK 6.6 featured ExpressLogic libraries Version 5.10sp6.  Last year it was discovered to have a vulnerability known as Urgent/11.   WICED SDK 6.6 released ExpressLogic libraries Version 5.12 to solve it.  

There've also been a large number of WiFi Security Vulnerabilities solved in the Radio FW along the way...

Consider doing a project refresh to the newer SDK.

But the problem is not able to OTA the existing firmware using 3.x SDK to SDK6.6.

1. SDK6.6 requires the wlan firmware with additional clm_blob firmware to work

2. The new wlan firmware becomes too big to fit in the existing partition.