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Hello Gentlemen,

We are planning to do a CE certification for my product. We have prepared the FCC, CE, IC certification test scripts. But especially for the CE EN300328 RF adaptivity test, we need to communicate our CYW43438 Soc to CMW500 WiFi simulator.

Any utility or test script is available for communicating CYW434538 with CMW500?

Let us know if any other solutions are available?

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Please refer the regaulatory manual for the testing procedure:

New Document Release: AN225347 - Cypress Wi-Fi CLM Regulatory Manual

OK, now I got the RF adaptivity script. but anything available for the receiver blocking?

I can see in a document that there is nothing written related to the ETSI RX blocking case.



The test setup for RX blocking is not given in Regulatory manual. Please refer the 300 328 V2.1.1, sections 5.4.11 for further details.

The commands for RX mode are:

wl Down

wl mpc 0

wl up

wl join ssid

wl status

The EMC lab is testing packet error rate. by injecting the blocking signal the PER (See image 4.2 receiver blocking test)  must not be less then 10% (See the image A1 receiver blocking).

I have types the wl status command it does not give me a packet error rate it only shows the status like SNR, RSSI, noise etc. so as per my knowledge, this command is not for the RX blocking (See the command line). Let me know if i am missing something.





Here is our document that talks about testing Cypress chips for Rx blocking to 300 328 V2.1.1 or 301 893 V2.1.1

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Also be aware that ETSI just recently published a new version of 300 328 which is V2.2.2.  One of the changes was made to the Rx blocking.  This time the number of test interference frequencies has been reduced, the Rx sensitivity from DUT are now stated and fix (note: Pmin+6 has been removed), and the new test level is -34dBm for all interference test frequencies (note: much higher compared to V2.1.1)

We just started checking this in-house and have completed a check on 43012 chip, which passed.  We will start checking this on all other cypress chips.

Note: 300 328 V2.2.2 is not yet harmonized, so it is not a mandatory standard to be used for compliance, but all manufactures can start using it to "VERIFY" that their radios will pass to the new V2.2.2, once 300 328 V2.2.2 does become harmonized.