Migrating to 3.3.1

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Is there any documentation regarding changes in 3.3.1 that impact code? For instance, the code behind smartbridge seems to have completely changed: instead of including wiced_bt_smartbridge.h, it looks like I need to include smartbridge.h, wiced_bt_gatt.h, wiced_bt_ble.h, wiced_bt_cfg.h, and bt_types. Several data types, including wiced_bt_smart_attribute_t, wiced_bt_uuid_t, UUID_128BI, and wiced_bt_uuid have either changed or are gone. It would be nice if there were a clear way to migrate my code, instead of trying to guess and check every change that doesn't compile.

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My understanding is that WICED SmartBridge is no longer supported on the WICED SDK 3.3.1

You will need to stay with SDK 3.2.1 for SmartBridge.

The new application supported in 3.3.1 is called "Bluetooth Internet Gateway"

There is a blog here that discusses setting up a demo with this app that leverages the RESTful API: BIG RESTful Smart Server Demo