Is possible buy only BCM43362 chip without host stm32?

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Is possible buy only BCM43362 chip without host  stm32?

Now for test , in future for production.

I biuld very small accessories for homekit apple standard. Today i try localise in web distribution . No success.  In my project i need many IO  pin port . Now i test bcm943362wcd4eval and this eval is no eval for me. This board has no free port on pcb. I need connect:


led diodes,

power meter,

temperature control,

OLED display i2c controlled

external flash memory for data

switch on/off/configure

All modules as bcm943362wcd4 , murata sn8000 is to big.

, and more. My decision is build my version eval board for my project. where i buy bcm43362 chips without pcb ?? replay me - not offer this module.

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SN8000 is the Radio Only version of 43362. We have this blog to get you some GPIO control on WCD4 board.

Re-purpose GPIO in Evaluation Board To Drive Motors

Inventek has some "radio only" modules too.

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1. sn8000 is bigger than bcm43362 , i build wall plug , small electronic accessorium.

When i test broadcom eval bcm943362wcd4eval , for me normal situation is in offert.

Please tell me , i need buy bcm43362 chip , not module, not sn8000. where is problem ?

broadcom offer this only in modules with host? I can build proffessional accessories, super design, smaller,  wiced wifi not offer me ?



Yes, each WiFi module with antenna have a different form factor and they may not work for your application, 

For BCM43362 SiP please contact your local Broadcom sales representative, Manufacturer's Representatives | Broadcom. If you like Wifi modules with and without antennas, please contact Broadcom WICED partners, Partners.


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How about this one,

Communication Misc bcm43362 Parts - Avnet Express

But I think, if you use only BCM43362 chip, you also have to design own antenna and get own certification. And as seyhan mention, WiFi module with antenna have a different form factor. To design a efficient antenna, you need to have enough knowledge on antenna design.