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The Commercial lighting space for many years was dominated with florescent tube lighting. While these provided significant savings over the use of incandescent lighting, they suffered some significant performance, maintenance, and use issues. These included short life span, wide color temperature variation, random flickering & hum, and an inability to dim and save power effectively. In addition, frequently turning the florescent lights on/off based on occupancy significantly decreased lifespan and increased power use during startup which often negated the power saving when the fixture was off.

With the introduction of Networking to the LED fixtures, security vulnerabilities need to be considered.

The design these new LED lighting fixtures has many software elements that can provide additional levels of efficiency. This increased efficiency allows power savings of up to 90% over traditional florescent lighting fixtures.

Several standards have emerged to ensure that energy savings will be realized when upgrading to more efficient lighting fixtures. The “Title 24” standard introduced into California is one such specification that these fixtures must comply with to pass code compliance.

This IoT Design will examine the elements used in creating a leading-edge lighting solution which leverages Cypress WICED & PSoC solutions.

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