Input Signal Amplitude for LPO_IN signal - CYW43353 | LWB5

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We are using the 450-0169 part from Laird (Sterling LWB5) in our design. We understand that the Laird LWB5 module uses Cypress' CYW43353 chip & based on this we wish to seek clarification on the following query.

Sterling-LWB5 Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth v4.1 Combo Module

We are able to notice the difference(refer attached image) in the input-amplitude spec for the LPO_IN signal between the datasheets of LWB5 module & the CYW43353 datasheet. The VDDIO supported by the LWB5 module is 1.8V.

We have been referring to 332-00961-R3.0 schematic from Laird(reference schematic for 450-0169), We could see that the LPO_IN input is fed by ASDK-32.768KHZ-LR oscillator which supports operation in only 3.3V(as per the datasheet).

With that being said, Can you please let us know whether it is fine to drive the LPO_IN pin either in 3.3V I/O or 1.8V I/O? The VDDIO for both cases will be maintained as 1.8V.

We got in touch with Laird, they suggest to use 3.3V.

Kindly let us know at the earliest.


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You can use 3.3V