Infineon AIROC™ Wi-Fi/BT Combo STM32 Expansion Pack 1.4.0 Official Release (Build 4190) [2023-04-15]

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Infineon AIROC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo STM32 Expansion Pack is an extension of the CMSIS-Pack standard established by Arm. The pack is compliant with the full CMSIS-Pack standard, with additional requirements/restrictions on the final pack to meet the STM standard.

This SW pack uses libraries from the Infineon ModusToolbox environment. 

What's Included?

  • Infineon AIROC Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Combo Release for STM32H7xx, H5xx, U5xx & L5xx MCUs family

What Changed?


  • Added STM32H5xx support
  • PAL improvements and fixes
  • New Examples added for STM32H747I-DISCO and STM32U575I-EV
  • Wi-Fi offload - TCP/IP Keepalive offload

Supported STM32 Boards and MCU

  • STM32H747I-DISCO Discovery kit and STM32H7xx
  • NUCLEO-H563ZI board and STM32H5xx
  • STM32U575I-EV Evaluation board and STM32U5xx
  • STM32L562E-DK kit and STM32L5xx

Supported Connectivity Modules

Infineon's CYW43xxx Wi-Fi-BT combo chip family:

  • CYW43012
  • CYW43439 / CYW43438 / CYW4343W
  • CYW4373 / CYW4373/E

Example apps inside the Pack

Wi-Fi Scan Example

This example initializes the Wi-Fi device and starts a Wi-Fi scan without any filter and prints the
results on the serial terminal.

Refer to Projects/STM32H747I-DISCO/Applications/wifi_scan/readme.txt for more details

Wi-Fi Onboarding with Bluetooth LE Example

This example demonstrates a simultaneous usage of Wi-Fi and BLE functionality of CYW43xxx combo
devices. It uses BLE on the combo device to help connect the Wi-Fi to the AP.

Refer to Projects/STM32H747I-DISCO/Applications/ble_wifi_onboarding/readme.txt for more details

Azure RTOS NetXDuo Wi-Fi UDP echo server

This application provides an example of Azure RTOS/NetXDuo stack usage. It shows how to develop a
NetX UDP server to communicate with a remote client using the NetX UDP socket API.

BLE Hello Sensor Example

This code example demonstrates the implementation of a simple Bluetooth Stack functionality in GAP
Peripheral role. During initialization the app registers with LE stack to receive various notifications
including bonding complete, connection status change and peer write.

Refer to Section BLE Hello Sensor Example in STM32 connectivity expansion pack user guide for more details.

Wi-Fi TCP keepalive offload

The TCP keepalive offload feature of the Low Power Assistant (LPA) improves the power consumption
of your connected system by reducing the time the Host needs to stay awake to support a TCP keepalive
request. This example describes how to enable TCP keepalive offload and configure four different
sockets for TCP keepalive that can be incorporated into your project from LPA Middleware.

Refer to Projects/STM32H747I-DISCO/Applications/wifi_tko/readme.txt for more details.

Compatible Software

Software Version
STM32 CubeMX 6.8.0
STM32 CubeIDE 1.12.0
IAR Embedded Workbench IDE 9.30.1


Future release - v1.5.0

  • Add Infineon Wi-Fi 6/6E combo chip (CYW55573 - 2x2 Wi-Fi 6/6E, CYW55513 - 1x1 Wi-Fi 6/6E) support.
  • TCPKA keepalive (payload) offload with multiple sessions.
  • Wake-on-WLAN - wowlpf support for remote wake-up.
  • TLS over TKO
  • MQTT keepalive

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