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Hi community members,

After installation of the IDE (WICED SDK 3.7.0 IDE Installer)  I realized that some of .pfd documentations are missing. I cannot find the following documents (list from "WICED™ v3.7.0 - API Reference Guide" start page):

These links point to non-existing files, and I was not able to find these files manually in "<WICED-SDK>/Doc" and WICED Wi-Fi Documents &amp; Downloads  .

Can somebody provide me these files or fix the installer/SDK archive.

Thank you,

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Most of these that are still maintained are located in the main docs and downloads section:

WICED™ Development System Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide Updated for SDK 3.1.2 

WICED™ Development System (HW User Guide)

BCM43364 Application Note: Downloading a WICED Application Over the Air (OTA)

WICED™ Development System, Powersave Application Note

WICED™ Development System, Manufacturing Test User Guide

These are not:

I've never heard of the first one and am not aware of a document that discusses the WICED Stack, only the inline HTML documents within the SDK.

2nd and 3rd ones are on Cooee, and this was put on hold: Easy setup Cooee app

The last one appears to be the same subject matter as WICED™ Development System, Manufacturing Test User Guide