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basically my application is multi threaded and  i'm creating multiple communication points.

but at a time i can create only one

there some api list which i'm using

wiced_result_t wiced_tcp_enable_tls( wiced_tcp_socket_t* socket, void* context );

wiced_result_t wiced_tcp_create_socket( wiced_tcp_socket_t* socket, wiced_interface_t interface );
wiced_result_t wiced_tcp_connect( wiced_tcp_socket_t* socket, const wiced_ip_address_t* address, uint16_t port, uint32_t timeout_ms );

wiced_result_t wiced_tcp_disconnect( wiced_tcp_socket_t* socket );

wiced_result_t wiced_tcp_delete_socket( wiced_tcp_socket_t* socket ); ....

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It's possible you're running out of heap; we've had this issue before as well, not being able to establish more than one TLS connection.