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I am opening a connection over Wifi to a remote TCP server and am seeing several problems.

This is with the NetxDuo stack.

First of all wiced_network_up seems to fail randomly (perhaps 1 out of 10 times).

Second when I try to create a socket I sometimes get an error from wiced_tcp_create_socket.

Thirdly, I almost always get errors when I do a wiced_tcp_connect. The error number is 7014.

Finally, I am repeatedly seeing error messages TCP Allocate Failed.

Despite these issues, my application is able to connect to the XMPP server and work sometimes.

Is there something about how it needs to be configured?

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You might encounter error in connecting to the network sometimes but when it fails, we try the connection three times before dropping the request.

The application code can be modified to incorporate logic to reconnect the device.

Generally the tcp_server and client connection goes through nicely for a well connected network.

Please let me know the SDK and chip used in your setup.