How do I get the MAC address of a device connected to the WICED soft AP?

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Use wiced_wifi_get_associated_client_list() to get the list of stations connected to the WICED soft AP. The MAC address of each connected client is stored in a wiced_mac_t type structure.

wiced_mac_t is defined as:

typedef struct


    uint8_t octet[6]; /**< Unique 6-byte MAC address */

} wiced_mac_t;

Here's sample code:



    int    count;

    wiced_mac_t mac_list[MAX_SOFT_AP_CLIENTS];

} client_info;

result = wiced_wifi_get_associated_client_list( &client_info, sizeof(client_info) );


The mac address can be derived from client_info.mac_list[client_number].octet[0-5]

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