How can I create a wireless serial port?

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Wireless Serial Port

This application uses two ACKme modules each running WiConnect, a serial API that sits on top of WICED, to demonstrate how to create a wireless serial port. A character typed into the serial port of Module 1 appears instantly at the output of the Module 2 serial port (and vice versa).

Features demonstrated

  • Serial Interface Stream Mode
  • Use of the WLAN and softAP wireless interfaces
  • TCP client and TCP server

ACKme WiConnect Serial Link

Module 1 is a server configured to start the softAP interface and the TCP server feature on boot up. Module 2 is a client configured to use the wlan interface and the TCP client feature to connect to the Module 1 softap and TCP server. The final configuration step places both modules into serial interface Stream Mode. Enough chit-chat, let's get started by configuring each of the modules.

The full article with commands can be found here: ACKme | How can I create a wireless serial port

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