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We are working on a product which is about to get certified. The product runs on WICED Wi-Fi SDK using both Wi-Fi and BLE. The laboratory sent us the list of requirements and tests we need to prepare. For example, here is what they asked for Wi-Fi b/g/n tests :

• Continuous transmission (with 100 % duty cycle) at the rated maximum power, modulated by the test data sequence and code sequence (chip sequence) that shall spread the transmitter power throughout the power envelope. The type of modulation (DSSS or OFDM) and bit rate must also be varied and selected within all the different possible schemes of modulation and channel spacing. The tests are performed in DSSS mode and OFDM mode with the bit rate which is the worst case.

• Selection of individual RF channels in the frequency range for both transmission and reception modes. The tests are performed at low, middle and high channels.

• If the output RF power is variable or selectable, it is necessary in the test mode the possibility of selection of the highest output RF power.

• Selection of Transmission or Reception/stand-by mode separately.

• If the equipment supports MIMO (more than 1 transmission chain capable of simultaneous transmission) it is necessary to implement the possibility of selection of each transmission chain separately and selection of simultaneous transmission in several chains.

I noticed that there is a dedicated application in /apps/test/mfg_test directory, so I tried it on a BCM943341WCD1 development board. It seems to contain everything needed for laboratory tests.

Bad point is that on our product, we don't have any serial communication output (i.e no FTDI on USB port), but this application requires to be linked with a computer, so we can't use it as it is.

So, I thought about developping several applications that satisfy laboratory requirements, based on the code used in /apps/test/mfg_test, but I can't find exactly where this code is ...

According to the requirements listed above, can you please give me some indications on what I can use in WICED SDK to prepare such programs ?



SDK version : WICED 3.3.1

Microcontroller : STM32F415

Wi-Fi/BT chip : Murata Type 1BW (based on BCM43341)

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I finally manage to find a solution to get programs that fits with laboratory requirement.

The only problem that remains is the following one : when I configure the radio device for Wi-Fi tests with wl_tool, I can manage to set the Tx power to get below 10dBm as required by the laboratory. But, what I am looking for is a way to modify it in my application code (I mean, not using mfg_test code).

I tried to call wwd_wifi_set_tx_power() function just after wiced_init(), but it doesn't seem to change ...

Thanks for your help !