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Is there any data on the philosophy we have for creating unique MAC addresses for WiFI modules where the customer is developing with WICED.  He would like to of course have the first 3 octets be his IEEE address, and the next 3 be something that can easily introduced into the part or read from the part so he can put a label on the module with the assigned MAC address.

Can you provide a document on the care and feeding of MAC addresses under WICED?


There's a file at the top level of WICED has some clues for you to get started (contents below); There appears to be multiple ways of going about this:


* The MAC address of the Wi-Fi device may be configured in one of several places as

* described in the document WICED-AN800-R Factory Programming Application Note.   

* Please read this document for further information.                              


#define NVRAM_GENERATED_MAC_ADDRESS        "macaddr=00:A0:50:27:92:0c"

#define DCT_GENERATED_MAC_ADDRESS          "\x00\xA0\x50\x0c\x27\x92"

#define DCT_GENERATED_ETHERNET_MAC_ADDRESS "\x00\xA0\x50\x0c\x27\x93"

This Help Article is also helpful: https://community.cypress.com/community/wiced-wifi/wiced-wifi-forums/blog/2017/07/12/how-to-add-mac-...

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