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Interesting issue. I am trying to call vEventGroupDelete to remove an event group and reset a app thread to a know state but I am finding that I am hitting an assert in FreeRTOS queue.c, specifically the xQeueGenericReceive function:

configASSERT( !( ( xTaskGetSchedulerState() == taskSCHEDULER_SUSPENDED ) && ( xTicksToWait != 0 ) ) );

With the debugger, I have captured the call stack:


--> vPortFree

--> free

--> some platform library call

--> malloc_lock (heap_3.c)



Since the FreeRTOS heap_3.c has been modified from stock FreeRTOS v9 to provide reentrancy for malloc/free calls, the malloc_lock function uses a mutex with a delay of portMAX_Delay, to wait until malloc or free can be called.

The problem appears to be that xQueueGenericReceive depends on the scheduler to provide a timeout (xTicksToWait). The first line in vEventGroupDelete suspends the scheduler.

Not exactly sure how to proceed, other than to shift from a dynamic EventGroup to a static EventGroup.

Anyone know other workarounds or what else this issue may impact.

Platform: CYW43907

OS: FreeRTOS v9.0.0

SDK: 6.2

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Based on the description, I'm not sure how the issue can be reproduced. Please share your application code where you can observe the issue.


The actual failure came from the AWS OTA agent library. I assume this can be replicated by making a simple FreeRTOS application with a task running a loop that dynamically creates an EventGroup and then deletes it with vEventGroupDelete.