Does the CYW4343W support LE Ping?

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According to the CYW4343W datasheet, it should have support for BT4.1 features. However, I cannot find which features it specifically supports and how to implement them. So does the CYW4343W support the LE Ping feature? and where can I find the exact Bluetooth features supported by the chip?


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I looked at the spec, and see LE Ping is performed at the Link Layer and is optional in BT4.1.   If implemented, the device must also support Write Authenticated Payload Transfer Timeout, Read Authenticated Payload Timeout, Authenticated Payload Timeout Expired Event, and Set Event Mask Page 2 Command

To see what BT features are implemented (in the optional parts of the spec), click the >>>DISPLAY ICS DETAILS>>> URL within the BT SIG site of the Device Qualifications Listing.     From here, I was able to see that Yes, LE Ping is supported because Secure connections are also supported (see note C.10).