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We have been trying to achieve simultaneous Bluetooth classic and LE connection. BT classic application and BLE application running simultaneous on the target board. Using two dedicated android phones to connect over classic and LE link respectively.  We are facing the following issues,

1. Only the unique advertisement string assigned for Bluetooth classic is always discoverable. Couldn't find LE advertisement name using LE scanner android app.

2. While initiating the connection for Bluetooth classic with android mobile ,  LE is always taking precedence over classic(as seen from the logs in the target device)

Request your insights and help on the same. 

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  1. Please refer to the demo apps.snip.bluetooth.bt_dualmode_server for reference design first. This Application demonstrates simultaneous usage of BT and BLE.
  2. You can set different names for BLE and BR/EDR respectively to make the peer device discover CYW43340 easier. Android sees BLE devices prior to BR/EDR devices if the name is set to be the same.
  3. If you are using two Android phones to connect to the same CYW43340, at least using different MAC addresses respectively for BLE and BR/EDR to distinguish the stacks. But I'm not sure if it's available.

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