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WiConnect sits on top of WICED to enable a faster time to market through an easy to use API.

WiConnect runs as standard on all ACKme Networks Wi-Fi modules

WiConnect File System (WCFS)

Most connected applications require the ability to store configuration information or cache local data. WiConnect provides a reliable read/write filesystem and on-board flash storage to satisfy application storage requirements. With just a few simple commands, WiConnect provides your application with complete access to local and network connected storage.

Commands available to create, delete and open files are available here, and file contents can be easily accessed using one or more stream commands available here.

Here's a quick example showing how to create, manipulate then delete a file …

WiConnect Commands Description

file_create hello.txt 12

Hello World!

file_open hello.txt

stream_read 0 50

stream_close 0

file_delete 0

<- Create the file (it will be 12-bytes long)

<- Enter the contents of the file (won't be echoed to the terminal)

<- Open the file for reading

<- Read no more than 50-bytes (file stream handle = 0)

<- Close the file

<- Delete the file

File Listing

Most ACKme Wi-Fi modules contain a microcontroller with internal flash, and an external (to the MCU) serial flash. To obtain a listing of all files on the MCU-internal flash and external serial flash, use the ls command. Users of WiConnect are permitted to write files to serial flash only.

> ls

#00 i-01 0009 0 191677 1.1.0 wifi_fw.bin
#01 i-80 001B 47 85556 1.1.0 wiconnect.exe
#02 i-00 001B 163 352516 1.1.0 upgrade_app.exe
#03 e-FE 0001 1 9641 1.1.0 /setup/index.html
#04 e-FD 0009 51 189 1.1.0 default_setup.script
#05 e-FE 0001 52 18067 1.1.0 /setup/images.png
#06 e-FE 0001 78 10525 1.1.0 /setup/index.css.gz
#07 e-FB 0001 81 27934 1.1.0 command_help.csv
#08 e-03 0009 175 1162 1.1.0 geotrust_ca.pem
#09 e-FE 0001 176 38779 1.1.0 /setup/index.js.gz
#10 e-FE 0001 186 1853 1.1.0 /favicon.ico.gz


File Types

The file type of files on the MCU internal flash is pre-pended with 'i', and the file type of files on the serial flash is pre-pended with 'e'. WiConnect file types are enumerated in the following table.

File typeID

File Checksum

The checksum used on individual files is calculated using a CCITT CRC-16 algorithm with polynomial 0x1021

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